Working with Vine Medical Group in the fight against Covid-19

Working with Vine Medical Group in the fight against Covid-19

The Client

Vine Medical Group is a GP partnership, caring for 27,000 patients across the whole of the Waterlooville area and its surrounding villages. The partnership operates across four sites - Forest End, Health Centre, Westbrook and Stakes Lodge.

Most recently, the team at Vine Medical Group have been pivotal in the fight against COVID-19, providing over 17,000 vaccinations so far to the local community.

The Challenge

Vine Medical Group were historically running their rotas through a manual process which involved the team producing PDFs of the shifts before sending these out. When staff would sign up for their shifts, this required team members physically having to input and change this, taking up valuable time. As the group began to supply COVID-19 vaccinations to their surrounding area, this would have been a hugely time-consuming process and not manageable using their current system.

To eliminate the manual workload and free up their staff time, Vine Medical Group were looking for a system where staff could view available shifts, sign-up for them and view changes without the need for human intervention.

The solution

Rotify is a simple-to-use rota system that streamlines the way organisations manage staff and saves money on agency fees through more efficient planning and covering of last-minute changes. It allows teams to plan and distribute rotas in minutes, manage absences and communicate with staff - all in one place. Set-up is easy and teams are up and running in no time.

With a complex challenge ahead of them, Rotify was the perfect solution for Vine Medical Group to get their vaccination rollout underway.

Sarah Denman, at Vine Medical Group said “I got 3 shift patterns and 100 staff accounts set up in less than a day. Within 3 days of getting access to Rotify we had published live rotas and people were logging in to book shifts.”

As well as a quick set-up, the system is incredibly easy to use. Vine Medical Group have been able to run their vaccination programme alongside their usual practice appointments using Rotify, with staff members adopting the new system straight away.

When asked what the team were most impressed with about the system, Sarah said “Ease of use. It's incredibly simple and user friendly for people who aren't great with technology. There are no hoops to jump through or unnecessary bells and whistles which would make use harder when people just want a simple rota.”

We’re delighted to have been able to help Vine Medical Group at such a pivotal time for the healthcare industry and play a role in their incredibly successful vaccine rollout and future work.