How to keep staff morale high when working over Christmas

How to keep morale high when working over Christmas

The Christmas season is a time for joy and celebration, yet for many people in retail, healthcare and hospitality it can be a particularly challenging time of year. Working long hours with little break, dealing with demanding customers, missing out on festivities and managing complex rotas can all combine to make this festive period incredibly stressful. But by taking some simple steps, it’s possible to make Christmas work less unbearable.

  1. It’s important to plan ahead. If you work in a retail environment then analyse sales figures from previous holiday seasons and ensure you are adequately staffed; in healthcare or hospitality look at the number of expected patients or guests so that staffing levels match the demands. Taking these precautionary steps early will mean you don’t end up stretched too thin later on when things inevitably get busier.
  2. Make sure your staff are well-trained and have access to all the information they need ahead of time. Before the holidays arrive ensure that they know their roles inside out as well as any extra duties they may have during this busy period – this should include any additional safety or customer service protocols which may come into play (such as ensuring social distancing measures if applicable). It’s also vital that staff have access to reliable rota software like Rotify which allows them to view shifts online and book annual leave easily – something that will become increasingly important during the festive season when many employees want to take some much needed time off (and when you need to keep a close eye on who’s around!).
  3. Manage expectations both from yourself and your team too. Make sure everyone understands what is expected from them over this period including working hours, overtime if required, break times etc., so there are no surprises along the way. This should also go hand-in-hand with open communication between managers/supervisors and their team: be available to answer questions and listen carefully to any problems arising so they can be solved swiftly before they become bigger issues down the line.
  4. It’s worth remembering that during Christmas even though it might feel like you’re constantly running around trying to meet deadlines, take time out for yourself too! Working long hours through such an intense period can be mentally draining so try not to overwork yourself – look after your mental health by taking regular breaks throughout your shift where possible as well as having regular check-ins with management/supervisors regarding how you’re doing both physically and mentally; this way any signs of burnout can be dealt with quickly before becoming more severe issues another day.

All in all, working through Christmas can feel overwhelming but with careful planning, training and open communication combined with looking after yourself it doesn’t have to be a struggle every year! We’re biased, but using some reliable rota software like Rotify does make life easier too when having visibility on shift patterns & availability as well as being able to book annual leave hassle free!

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