The Challenge

Hyde PCN works with all GP Practices in the region and serves a population of 74,000 patients.

The team managed staff rotas via multiple spreadsheets which were time consuming to create and difficult to factor in any changes, such as last-minute sickness and absence.

They understood that an online staff rota software could greatly reduce the time it would take to schedule staff and set to formulate a list of must-have features including:

  • Needed to be easy for staff members to see overtime opportunities
  • Give staff the ability to proactively book, view and cancel shifts
  • Manage hours, payroll and prove a quick overview of costs to ensure they were on track

The Solution

Rotify, of course.

The super easy to use staff rota software would be able to:

  • Build rotas in minutes and distribute them in seconds – saving hours each week.
  • Give staff the opportunity to book, view and cancel shifts on desktop, mobile app or tablet.
  • Monitor time and attendance and feed payroll with accurate data.
  • Provide at-a-glance oversight of staffing levels and costs via one simple to use dashboard.

Shortly before setting up their extended access services, Hyde PCN registered for a 14-day free trial of Rotify – the rest as they say is history.

The Results

“I was instantly impressed with how intuitive and accessible it (Rotify) was, certainly an improvement on my spreadsheet” commented Sam Rothwell, Population Health and Inequalities Manager at Hyde PCN.

He continued, “We have 40 staff members who actively use Rotify, it’s great to have all compliance, contract information & contact details all in one place on their user profile. It is also ideal for staff members to be able to see the full team rota and know it is up to date, allowing them to see who is on call and any other information they would need.”

He was quick to complement our additional support too. “The support provided from Rotify has been second to none. Upon starting the free trial, I was immediately contacted by Joe who offered to hop on a video call with me to talk me through all the features and general day to day use of the platform which was extremely helpful. Since purchasing and using the full version of Rotify, Joe has maintained contact and made us very aware that the team at Rotify are on hand to provide any support should we have any issues or need it.”

The final word goes to Sam, “I would definitely recommend Rotify to other PCNs or Extended Access providers. We intend to continue to use Rotify for our EA service and we’ll also be using the software for our vaccination service in Autumn.”



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