The Challenge

Newcastle GP Services, the GP Federation for Newcastle Upon Tyne, was given the task of setting up and managing the GP-led Covid vaccination service for the region.

The scale of this project was vast, with the GP Federation responsible for the local population of more than 250,000 people. Executing the service effectively would require the support of approx. 800 staff working across hundreds of clinics in over fifty localities. Furthermore, the staff required included many different competencies and skillsets which needed to be checked and kept up to date. 

Initially, the federation tried to manage using spreadsheets, manually calling and emailing staff to fill shifts and keeping track of compliance and training on third party systems. However, in the words of Kate at NGPS, “We realised very quickly that this was clearly not efficient, effective or sustainable.” It was cumbersome, time consuming and leading to costly errors and delays. 

NGPS decided to go on the search for an online rota management tool which could be set up quickly and without any hassle, and that could handle communication at scale, as well as tracking comprehensive staff information to feed into the rotas without the need for manual checks. 

The Solution

Rotify of course. In just two weeks, we were up and running with the system which managed 800 staff across multiple sites and clinics.

The system can be used on both desktop and mobile, making it super easy for staff to search and book shifts anywhere and at any time.

For the GP Federation, in addition to having a simplified rota management system; compliance details could be quickly reviewed – making the whole end-to-end process much easier.

The Results

In just eleven months, Newcastle GP Services had administered more than 235,000 vaccinations across hundreds of clinics in over fifty localities.

Kate at NGPS adds, “Without Rotify, we couldn’t have run the vaccination service in Newcastle, and it continues to be a core part of our service provision.” She continued, “We really pushed Rotify hard, particularly in the early weeks. Any issues with speed, accessibility and usability were dealt with promptly and brilliantly by the Rotify team and we’re proud to have worked with them. Rotify is a great product that we would definitely recommend.”

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