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Put your staff first.

Rotify gives your staff ownership of their own leave. They can request annual leave – and anything else you allow, such as training days or parental leave – and see everything that’s going on with our clever leave dashboard.

Of course, you can always hit decline…

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Put the calculator down.

The average worker is paid around £2,600 a year to be on holiday. Much deserved, we’re sure, but you’ll want to keep an eye on allowances.

There’s no need to calculate how much leave your staff members have left to take – Rotify keeps a running total.

Better yet, it’ll automatically calculate the duration of each instance. Keep track of everything – accurately – without the manual work.


Keep it together.

Absence records and schedules need to speak to each other – otherwise it can get very messy.

Rotify displays all absences on the rota to make sure that nothing is missed, and any shifts left open can be picked up well in advance by other team members on well in advance (or last minute…).

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