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Don't dig around for data.

We know that you don’t have time to dig around for the data that you need. Our homepage Dashboard shows you everything that you need in one, digestible view.

Staffing levels, absence issues and recent activity from across your teams – all in one place.

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The cost is not knowing.

Take control over your staffing spend and make sure that the books are balanced.

With staff payment reporting, dashboard widgets and handy stats bars you’re always on top of the costs.

Contracted hours make the days.

Staff will be disengaged if they’re given less hours than promised, but you need to stay compliant with maximum working hours rules.

Rotify tracks and displays worked vs contracted hours in no fewer than three different areas.

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Reports as you want them.

Rotify’s report builder allows you to filter, customise and shape the information that you see.

Our handy export button puts the data – quite literally – in the palm of your hand.

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