The Challenge

The Isle of Wight theme park faced a number of challenges when creating rotas for seasonal staff across multiple teams. Historically, this was all organised using Excel spreadsheets, however, this was labour intensive, inefficient and not sustainable.

The theme park would often struggle to communicate shift patterns and lacked visibility and control over payroll and staffing levels. Eventually, the team thought that there must be a better way and sought an effective rota management software to make light work of the whole process.

The Solution

It had to be Rotify.

Manual rota creation, poor communication and a lack of visibility and control were quick and simple issues to address for our technology. The theme park was up and running in just a couple of weeks.

The core features of Rotify meant that rotas could be auto allocated, with shift booking simplified from organiser through to staff members. Additionally, our powerful reporting module meant that visibility and control over staffing levels and accuracy of pay was made a cinch.

Communication too was simplified. With our in-built messaging platform, conversations could flow freely, allowing for special requests and last-minute changes to be made without affecting the overall staffing of the theme park.

Now everyone from the rota manager to theme park attendant felt empowered and in control.

The Results

Rotify is now used to manage hundreds of staff across multiple teams.

Cameron Downes, Catering and Retail Operations Manager at Vectis Ventures commented, “Rotify had helped us move from tedious overbearing spreadsheet rotas to an easy-to-use live modern rota system that helps us manage 4 departments and around 10 outlets creating improved communication channels between the teams and their managers.

It has also helped us as managers spot shortfalls in the rota, forward plan holidays and absence. Its shift planning feature allows us to publish rotas way in advance giving the opportunity for our teams to have a greater home and work life balance. Overall for a happier workforce I would recommend using Rotify!”

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