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No more copy and paste.

Effortlessly create shift patterns by person or location to use time and time again without the need to copy and paste.

They’re simple to build, but don’t be fooled. 8 week rolling shift pattern? No problem. Days, Nights, Earlies, Lates? Easy as pie. Welcome to Rotify.

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Change can be a good thing.

Make wholesale changes to your rota in just a few clicks with our clever quick edit tools – drag and drop is just the start.

Whether you need to change your rota to accommodate an early finish for everyone on a Friday, or your business is switching to a four day working week and you’ve already created six months rotas in advance – big changes are no longer a big effort with Rotify.

No more last minute phone calls.

Rotify allows rotas to be created for the coming month, quarter, year or ten years – it’s really up to you!

That means you can see any staffing issues coming ahead of time, and your teams have visibility of open shifts to cover way in advance.

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Keep them in the loop.

You might need to tell staff to bring additional equipment. They might need to tell you that they’re running late.

It’s all possible with Rotify’s clever Shift Notes feature – a messaging thread for each shift to make sure that everyone’s always in the know.

Everyone has their say.

Staff have full access to their own real-time rota. They can book shifts, apply for time off, see their wider team rota and even cancel shifts (if you enable it!).

More involved teams are happier teams – and Rotify is proud to enable engagement.

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Where there's a skill, there's a way.

It’s not always a case of covering a shift with any member of the team. People have their own unique skill sets – whether that’s some specific training, or just down to someone being a key holder or Duty Doctor.

Rotify helps you match the best qualified person to each shift to make sure that your operations run smoothly, always.

It's up to view.

Everyone sees things differently. That’s why Rotify allows you to view rotas by person or location – but that’s not all.

Use our clever filters to show you exactly what you want to see, hit save, give it a name and – as easy as that – you have your very own rota view.

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Great stats at your fingertips.

Even with the best views, it can sometimes be tricky to get a holistic overview of what’s going on in bigger teams.

Rotify’s rota stats bar consolidates everything into a few simple widgets showing key staff, cost and leave numbers from across the week.

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