Not For Profit

Not For Profit

Mobilising behind a cause requires organisation of your workforce - making perfectly planned rotas key to your mission. So whether it's full or part-time staff, volunteers or zero hours workers, you can schedule them all with ease in Rotify.

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Whether you’re a charity, foundation, social advocacy group or trade organisation you need to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time and cost. This means organising a diverse workforce of salaried staff and volunteers, which can be a challenge in itself.

Rotify takes the stress out of rota planning, enabling not for profit organisations with the tools to be able to build shift patterns in minutes and distribute them in seconds to every worker type.

It’s super simple to use, automating previously manual processes, and will give you back time to focus on your collective, public or social purpose.

Not for profit customers love;

  • Flexible subscriptions for seasonal demand / changes in staff numbers
  • Supporting multiple worker types
  • Accurate tracking of time worked
  • Managing their teams from all devices
  • Communicating with their workforce from one place
  • Streamlined holiday planning so it doesn’t affect operations

Software Benefits

Making life easier for everyone

More time for what’s important.

Get started in no time, build rotas in minutes and distribute them in seconds.

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Pull it all together.

Rotas, communication, compliance and training – it’s rare you’ll find them all pulled together quite as beautifully as on Rotify.

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Greater visibility.

Powerful dashboards, reports and useful stats tools mean that you’re never too far from meaningful data.

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Better engagement.

Staff and managers have more say in their rotas – it’s a win-win for everyone.

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