Retail is always changing and Rotify is helping our customers keep up. Stay ahead of the game with our effortless rota planning, time and attendance and communication tools.

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Retail is an ever changing industry – with increasing pressure from the online world and a whole host of staffing challenges like never before. Rotify gives our customers a razor-sharp oversight of everything from rota fill to staffing costs without the need to implement cumbersome, expensive software.

Our Attendance feature alone saves a team of ten around £5,000 a year by keeping a close eye on actual working times (that’s about 26x return on investment vs the cost of the whole system, and we know you love to shop a deal…)


Our retail customers love;

  • Flexible subscriptions for seasonal demand/changes in staff numbers
  • Accurate tracking of time worked
  • Managing their teams from all devices
  • Communicating with their workforce from one place
  • Streamlined holiday planning so it doesn’t affect operations

Software Benefits

Making life easier for everyone

More time for what’s important

Get started in hours, build rotas in minutes and distribute them in seconds.

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Save Money

More efficient planning is helping organisations reduce reliance on costly agency staff.

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Everything in one place

Rotify handles rotas, leave, training, compliance and more – ditch the separate spreadsheets.

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Better engagement

Staff and managers have more say in their rotas – it’s a win-win for everyone.

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