We work with GP Practices, GP Federations, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), Dental Practices and many more. The challenges vary for each setting, whether it's planning day to day shifts or filling gaps in an extended access rota - Rotify is the right tool for the job.

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How we can help

Matching the right people to the right shifts can be a real challenge in healthcare, but Rotify can help.

Complex rotas can be built in minutes, published months in advance and distributed in seconds – saving valuable time starting from scratch each month. Shifts requirements are matched to staff skills, and last minute changes are just a drag and drop away.

You’ll be able to easily keep track on training and compliance, and use handy dashboards to remind you of their expiration.


Plus, leave and sickness can all be tracked and monitored for simplified reporting and prompt payment.

Our healthcare customers love:

  • Drag, drop and publish rotas in seconds
  • Reporting to ensure all rota gaps are covered
  • Monitor staff training and compliance (inc. GMC, NMC and DBS)
  • Advertise vacant shifts through Rotify
  • Communicate with staff using simple messaging


Software Benefits

Making life easier for everyone

More time for what’s important.

Get started in no time, build rotas in minutes and distribute them in seconds.

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Pull it all together.

Rotas, communication, compliance and training – it’s rare you’ll find them all pulled together quite as beautifully as on Rotify.

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Greater visibility.

Powerful dashboards, reports and useful stats tools mean that you’re never too far from meaningful data.

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Better engagement.

Staff and managers have more say in their rotas – it’s a win-win for everyone.

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