How to build a more productive team

How to build a more productive team

Building a productive team is crucial for any organisation since it directly impacts the success and growth of the business. A well-equipped team ensures the smooth functioning of operations and leads to better outcomes.

In our latest blog we list some practical steps that business owners can take towards building a more productive team.

  1. Define clear goals and expectations building a more productive team

Establishing clear objectives and defining each team member’s roles and responsibilities is crucial for achieving goals. Making sure everyone is on the same page ensures that team members no longer work in silos and work towards the same benchmark.

  1. Encourage communication

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful team. Encouraging open dialogue and active listening benefit the team as a whole. It’s also essential to make sure everyone has all the information they need to make the best decisions possible and that everyone feels heard and valued at all times.

  1. Foster a positive work environment

Having a positive work environment doesn’t mean that a team has to be cheerful and happy 24/7. Encouraging a respectful, diverse, and inclusive work environment not only supports the team member’s wellbeing but also increases engagement and productivity. Everyone’s input can contribute to innovations and solutions.

  1. Celebrate achievementscelebrate achievements

This is a biggie.

Acknowledging team accomplishments is essential for building morale and boosting motivation. Whether it’s a small achievement or a significant milestone, taking time to celebrate and recognize your team’s efforts can keep them motivates and inspired.

  1. Encourage learning and professional development

Offering training opportunities is an excellent way to keep your team members motivated and committed. Providing a supportive environment enables team members to discuss learning and plan their professional development journey, helping the team members stay up to date with industry trends and build new skills.

  1. BONUS: Use an online rota software

The most productive businesses are the ones that are able to keep a fully staffed rota which accommodates staff preferences and last-minute changes. In just a few clicks you can plan rotas weeks / months in advance, giving business owners time back to focus on what’s important to their business.

Plus, in-built messaging tools keep everyone on the same page and allow for faster communication between managers and employees – boosting productivity and wellbeing in the long term. Try Rotify free for 14 days.


In summary, building a more productive team comes down to creating a positive work environment, fostering communication, acknowledging achievements, and providing learning opportunities. By following these steps and supporting your team, you’ll build a team that’s engaged, motivated and productive, and that can lead to success, innovation and growth.

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