Top tips for keeping your staff happy at work

Top tips for keeping your staff happy at work

Do you ever stop to think about what you’re doing to keep your staff happy?

Keeping staff happy and motivated is really important right now. Here are a few tips and benefits of how rota management software could help you and your teams reach greater levels of happiness and job satisfaction at work.

1. Improve communication within the team

We all know that open communication plays a big role in building trust and good relationships at work and having regular and flexible options to communicate with the team can really help with this.

With an online rota system like Rotify, the team can find out their forthcoming hours from wherever they are via SMS, email or through the app in good time, meaning they are then able to make plans around work.

Equally any changes to the rota are alerted to staff as and when required, so they will never miss an update. No more excuses!

Sharing the rota well ahead of time means your staff are not landed with sudden surprises and have time to swap shifts if they need. All in all, communication is quicker and easier for everyone.

2. Produce accurate rotas every time

Managing a rota via post-it notes or a spreadsheet is never an effective long-term plan, no matter how attached you are to that way of working. Believe us, we know people who have been there, done that. How about bringing it all online so that everything can be stored in one place and you get a full picture of staffing at any given moment.

No more disappointed staff because you have scheduled them in after them telling you they can’t work that day.

3. Give your staff control

Because our system is so easy to use, you could leave the staff to organise their own rota schedules. Giving staff the ability to input into the shifts they work, will lead to them feeling more in control of their working hours and bring about greater levels of trust.

4. Build trust and motivation

The happiness of your staff may not the driving force in you investing in rota management software but it’s a big plus – you are showing that you care and want to invest in people to make their working lives better. And we should all be keen to spread a little happiness right now.

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