The cost of a bad rota

The cost of a bad rota

Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, hospitality or beauty, a rota is essential not only in keeping your business running efficiently but also in maintaining a happy workforce.

What’s more, in these uncertain times for our economy – it’s important that you’ve got a grip on your staff scheduling and aren’t spending over the odds to do so.

You need a robust but simple process for identifying and quickly filling your rota with properly qualified staff, organised in a way that works for them and for you, keeping everything simple, clear and easy.

Here are our top reasons why you should use an online rota.

the cost of a bad rota

1. Keep costs down and shifts properly staffed

This is a no brainer. You don’t want to be left with gaps in your staffing or be left at the mercy of staff agencies or locums if you’re in healthcare, who will charge a premium. Increasing your staff costs is something you don’t want right now.

Planning early will give you a better chance of having suitably staffed shifts and staff always like to have as much notice as possible. With an online system your staff will always know the what, where and when.

2. Have the right mix of skills on every shift

A good rota system will match properly qualified staff to the most appropriate shifts, to ensure that you maintain the best possible service levels. Data crunching using good rota software can consider an even wider range of factors such as individual employee preferences, recent shifts worked, which teams they are best suited to – and more. It makes decision ma

king a breeze.

3. Improve the efficiency of your admin

Without the right tools at your disposal, filling a last-minute shift might be a stressful and inefficient process. Reliance on a paper rota system will also make you less inclined or able to be flexible in response to staff requests for changes. A smart rota system however can do all this hard work for you. You’ll spend a lot less time on the phone ringing round your team that’s for sure.

4. Keep your workforce happy

Constant firefighting in your rota system is only ever likely to lead to an unhappy workforce. You will no doubt get complaints, from those who are fed-up of always getting shifts during unsociable hours or bank holidays or from those who complain that they don’t receive enough notice of their shifts and can’t easily request changes. In fact, when we look at the list of common staff complaints about bad rotas, the list just goes on and on.

With an online rota system, a bad rota just doesn’t exist. We may be biased but it’s true! As long as the data in the system is right, it will let you know if you do something that’s not right.

With Rotify, we like to think we have made it so easy, that it will free up more of your time, whilst saving you money and having happier staff so that you can get on and do what matters.

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