Top signs your business needs rota software

Top signs your business needs rota software

We are often asked by businesses why they should invest in rota planning software and what the signs are that they need it for their organisation.

Whatever kind of business you are running, optimising your efficiency will be at the top of your priorities. Having the right person with the right skills on the right shift will go a long way to achieving this.

Staff scheduling should not become your biggest chore.

Here are a few things to think about.

You regularly have understaffed or overstaffed shifts

Overstaffing becomes expensive, an inefficient use of resources and understaffing can lead to poor customer service and disgruntled staff. You need to be proactive in anticipating demand and resource accordingly.

Many shifts don’t have the right skills mix

Having the right blend of experience on each shift is vital so that you can best service your customers or patients. You don’t want to be over-burdening certain members of staff. Rota software makes it easier to better match the right staff to the needs of your business.

Your staff are complaining the rota isn’t fair

When staff are complaining that they’re not getting their fair share of shifts and others are saying they are doing too many is a good sign you’re not getting the balance right.

Your rotas take ages to put together

Nobody wants to spend ages trawling through spreadsheets or dealing with post-it notes to produce next week’s rota. Software will free up so much of your time as well as being far more accurate.

You don’t have any record of your staff preferences or availability

Certain members of staff may only be able to work on certain days or times so it’s important to log this information to prevent scheduling them on days when they’re unavailable. Otherwise it could lead to some unexpected absences and a disgruntled employee.

You get a lot of no shows for shifts

Planning your rotas well in advance and good communication are really important. Staff are much more likely to turn up for work if they have plenty of notice and it gives you enough time to deal with any staffing issues ahead of time. Have a process for distributing rotas and stick to it. Sending out the rotas when you say you’re going to is only fair on your staff.

You have a high turnover of staff

If staff are leaving in higher numbers than you’d like it could be due to poor rota practices. If this is the case, you need to change things quick.

If you’ve been reading this and some of these points have sounded familiar here are our top tips to producing tip top rotas:

  • Keep your rota planning simple – a good online system helps
  • Have a process in place for distributing rotas and stick to it
  • Publish rotas well in advance to give staff time to plan around other commitments
  • Communicate effectively
  • Encourage collaboration – an online will help your staff become more involved in their own shift planning
  • Respect your staff and their time and they will respect you

And last not least remember that a more efficient rota planning system will ultimately lead to better customer service and who doesn’t want that.