“Rotify has helped me organise things my way.”

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“I like things a certain way, which is why I went self-employed. I started with one shop but, once things started to grow, spreadsheets really weren't enough anymore".

Craig runs a small retail chain and has 4 sites. As the business has grown, Craig has had to find other ways to manage staff without being face to face with them each day . Having multiple sites and teams has meant he has had to hand over responsibility to local managers so that he can focus on further expanding.

“Rotify is so simple to use I rarely give guidance when it is handed over. It’s so easy, and the staff can then organise their own team’s schedule.”


“I still have access to all the information I need through the reports and dashboards, which is brilliant. I can see pay data, empty shifts, training and annual leave, whilst leaving my teams to do what I pay them to.”

Rotify has helped Craig's team get a better hold on their working patterns too. The schedules are clear and easy to understand. All changes can be done through Rotify and Craig can see what has happened, with a full audit on shifts and conversations. “I can see how my teams are communicating, and all the reports are customisable so that I only see what I need to.”

A key benefit of Rotify is how easy it is to get one holistic overview of everything across sites. Craig certainly agrees. “To be honest, I was quite attached to my old way of working but Rotify looks better and is much easier. It’s helped me organise things my way.”


"Our staff have come from other, bigger retail outlets and they were surprised that we were still working 'offline' so to speak. I didn't quite realise how popular systems like Rotify were, but I'm glad I came around quickly".

"Given that I like to keep control of the purse strings I still calculate payroll for all sites. Before Rotify, that could take me a good few days (and nights). Now, I can run the finance reports in seconds and export them straight into payroll. That said, Rotify still allows me to keep an eye the key financial stats through the weeks to make sure that there are no surprises come the end of the month"


Craig likes:

  • Customisable reporting and clear overviews
  • Central platform for all sites and teams
  • Clear and easy to use, with very little training needed
  • Payroll now takes minutes, not days

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