Residential Care

“I had so many spreadsheets before! Now, we do everything in Rotify"

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Residential Care

Tony is a Registered Manager with a hardworking team of 65 support workers, working across two sites. The care sector has always suffered from cost challenges, which makes it crucial that staffing is planned as efficiently as possible. Atypical working hours and plenty of part time and zero hours staff makes things complicated to manage on paper.

“The residents in my care homes need round the clock care and my staff work all hours to make sure they’re catered for. Trying to keep track of hours worked for my mix of teams was frustrating.”


“It’s so much quicker with Rotify. I’m saving myself a full day every month that used to be spent planning the rotas and calculating payroll. The contracts in Rotify make it so easy to keep tabs on pay rates, including weekends and unsociable hours"

Tony uses Rotify's clever tools to monitor contracted vs worked hours, meaning he never has to go out to agency staff unless it's absolutely desperate.

"We used to lose track of how many shifts people had worked because everyone has different contracts and arrangements. Now I can see it all, and make sure everyone has worked their hours before I go externally. It's saving us a fortune."


"It’s great that I can just pre-plan my repeating patterns, and then only worry about the changes. If things need moving around, it's literally as easy as 'drag and drop' between our sites. Plus, things like DBS registrations were always expiring without anyone realising – not anymore!"

All rota changes in Rotify are audited, and the in-app messaging creates a history of communication with staff members against each shift, meaning you have the full story even months later.

Whether you have one, two, five or ten sites, Rotify can help pull everything together, and start saving you money on admin time and agency costs immediately.


Tony likes:

  • Automation of complex working patterns
  • Easy to monitor hours worked based on individual contracts
  • Better control of the rota and last minute changes
  • Staff data in one place for the CQC
  • No more spreadsheets!

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