“Rotify’s messaging has saved us and, because I'm always on my feet, the mobile version is so helpful".

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Melanie, like a lot of people who work in hotels and restaurants, is busiest on holidays and weekends, and needs more staff on hand to cover the demand.

“Holidays are our busiest time and so I have to plan for extra resource. It’s hard because my staff also want to be enjoying time off too, and most of them are part time".

Melanie has a mix of staff, some with contracted hours and set shifts, others who work a little more ad-hoc and cover when needed. "Having the rota, annual leave and contract arrangements all in one system has made things much easier to manage"


“We have a long list of temp staff for these busier times that we call on and, honestly, our phones never stop.”

“Being able to message my staff from one place has saved me! It helps me gather availability and get empty shifts filled without the headache. The staff love that they can pick up shifts and see when they’re next working through Rotify.”


“It is 100% worth the money. I couldn’t really believe that we’d put it off for so long. Customer reviews are vital to our business growth, and having the right staff in place is really fundamental to us providing the service that we want to".

Our flexible licensing really helps Melanie keep track of costs, and only pay for the staff that she's using. "I can de-activate my non-term time staff outside of the holidays, meaning I only pay for the users I need outside of peak periods".


Melanie likes:

  • Communication tools to manage last minute changes
  • Drag, drop and notify to get shifts filled
  • Staff leave requesting and absence management
  • Tracking skills and training
  • All her teams in one place
  • Lots more spare time, and a smaller phone bill!

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