'We can't just have a basic rota without the detail. With Rotify, we can track skills, compliance, shift types and payments. It's so comprehensive, but so easy to use'

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Planning healthcare rotas can be a nightmare. Rotify pulls it all together onto one smart platform.

Complex shift patterns can be set up in minutes and published into the future, which saves time starting from scratch every month. The inevitable last minute changes take seconds, and can be communicated to staff in real time through Rotify.

Crucially, Rotify tracks all compliance and skills/training, as well as staff leave and sickness.

You'll never need to dig around for what you need, though. A quick glance at the homepage dashboard will tell you everything in one place. Easy.


We work with GP Practices, GP Federations, Primary Care Networks, Dental Practices and many more. The challenges vary from setting to setting - whether it's planning day to day shifts or filling gaps in an Extended Access rota, Rotify is the perfect tool for the job.

We know that most smaller healthcare providers don't have full time rota managers. The job often falls to someone with far more pressing issues to sort out, and we work tirelessly to ensure that Rotify frees up as much time as possible with everything from planning rotas to reporting on leave and sickness.


Sally, a GP Practice Manager, told us 'One of the biggest headaches for us is making sure we've got all of our staff up to date on compliance measures and training. We had a spreadsheet with that data on, but it was only visible if you opened it and the CQC often asked us how we knew about expiries and, honestly, we sometimes didn’t. Now, Rotify tells us if compliance and skills are expiring without ever having to go searching'.

Here at Rotify, we come from a long line of healthcare rota systems. Our team onboarded our first NHS customer in 1999, and we've learned about healthcare every day since. We know the niches, and we've got them covered.


Sally likes:

  • Keeping an eye on everyone's training and compliance - right next to the rota
  • Managing a team with varied roles and working patterns without the fuss
  • More time back to do her main job
  • Communicating changes and rota gaps to the right people via Rotify

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