COVID Vaccine Hubs

'We were emailing out to our bank of volunteers, matching their availability to the shift templates and things just changed all of the time. Rotify has helped pull it all together'.

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COVID Vaccine Hubs

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for a lot of people - not least for healthcare organisations.

Claire is one of the administrators of a group of COVID vaccine hubs in the North East. Her team have a huge bank of clinical and volunteer staff, and keeping in touch with them all was a real struggle.

Communication was often via email, and rota were communicated by sending spreadsheets back and forth. Add into that the constant change, driven by factors such as the vaccine type and patient numbers, and Claire's team had a headache on their hands.


"We found out that Rotify was used by a few of the Primary Care Networks nearby, and we knew we had to improve our processes given the number of staff involved".

"We never know which vaccine we'll be getting until days before we need to run the clinics. In Rotify, we can build a number of templates with different staffing levels to apply to each day or week once we know which vaccine is being delivered."

"Then, it's literally three clicks to apply the template and publish the rota is directly to to staff so that they can book into shifts seamlessly. We also use the system to send mass messages out to the staff bank, too. It really has saved us so, so much time'.


Claire likes:

  • Keeping an eye on everyone's training and compliance - right next to the rota
  • Building varied templates to use in different circumstances
  • Easy to view stats to keep track
  • Messaging staff en-mass from the central platform

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