What you should be doing to promote wellbeing in your organisation

What you should be doing to promote wellbeing in your organisation

What do we mean by wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a word that gets banded around a lot these days but what does it really mean? As well as being happy and healthy, wellbeing is now associated with how satisfied you are with your life as a whole – at home and at work.

Given the rise of mental health issues over the last few years, it has become widely recognised that wellbeing needs to be taken seriously. It does after all pay big dividends in terms of greater productivity. Creating a workplace in which people thrive really should be top of your agenda – now more than ever.

What causes stress at work?

There are many causes of stress at work – heavy workload, having a manager you don’t get on with, lack of support or encouragement from your line manager, lack of feedback or direction or simply a lack of motivation. At times too external factors may come into play if something outside of work is causing you some stress.

Things have been pretty tough over the last year and a half so we’re big advocates of employee wellbeing programmes and making the workplace a happy place to be.

How to promote wellbeing in your organisation

  1. Promote a culture of health by putting wellbeing at the centre of your business. By this we mean including wellbeing in your business strategy and valuing it as much as other outputs. Promoting health and wellbeing in this way will give your staff ‘permission’ to look after their health.

  2. Make sure everyone in the organisation knows what role they have to play in promoting wellbeing. And we mean everyone – senior leaders, line managers and team members.

  3. Do your research

It’s a good idea to find out what benefits your staff feel add value or motivate them. Many organisations offer benefits such as a discounted gym membership or access to counselling but on their own these may not have much impact on your team’s overall health.

  1. Team activities

Promote team-based exercise – if it’s outdoors all the better. Most companies aren’t lucky enough to have an onsite gym, but you could set up walking meetings, lunchtime walking groups or a charity walk. And if you do have discounted gym memberships, you could encourage people to go together in groups perhaps doing a gym class together each week.

Involvement in community projects is also a great way to get people working together on something meaningful.

  1. Get the communication right

It’s important that staff hear managers talking about good lifestyle choices and lead by example – this could be healthy eating, exercise, taking time out or encouraging staff to take their holiday allowance.

Having clear messages dotted around the office and having regular staff communication too is valuable. Make you sure you adopt a caring and encouraging tone.

  1. Listening ears

People need to feel able to express any concerns or difficulties they are facing at work or at home so it’s important for them to know there is always someone they can talk to. Make it clear there is an ‘open door’ policy.

  1. Help your staff make healthy nutrition choices

Ensure the canteen at work offers healthy lunch choices and maybe give the vending machine a revamp.

  1. Performance management

Think about how your staff’s performance is measured and consider how you can value a person’s wellbeing first alongside their work performance. Do you praise effort and resilience? Taking a meaningful interest in their personal growth will make them feel more ready to learn and succeed.

We believe a successful approach to wellbeing needs to be a combination of things to work effectively. You’re aiming for great employee morale, an inclusive and supportive culture and lower sickness absence. Then you should find your organisational performance benefits too.

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